Need Roof Installation Services in the Detroit, MI Area?

5 reasons to go with Walter-Alexander Roofing

When you need a brand-new roof, Walter-Alexander Roofing, LLC is the company to call. Not only will we provide you with the quality roof installation services you deserve, but we'll also walk you through the roof replacement process. It's crucial that we're all on the same page.

You'll appreciate working with a roofing company that...



  1. Does new construction installation and replacement work in and around Detroit, MI
  2. Works with asphalt shingle, EPDM and tar-and-gravel roofs
  3. Provides personalized roof installation services
  4. Has over 20 years of experience
  5. Is licensed and insured








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We do more than just install roofs

We do more than just install roofs

You can rely on us for roof repair services. Whether your roof is sloped or flat, you'll rest easy knowing our crew will repair it safely and efficiently.

Contact us when you need roof repair services in the Detroit, MI area.