Protect Your Investment With Routine Roof Maintenance

Hire us for roof maintenance services in or near Detroit, MI

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, so it requires more upkeep than other exterior features. Walter-Alexander Roofing, LLC provides cost-effective roof maintenance services to residents in the Detroit, MI area. By hiring us, you won't have to drain your savings to protect your property.

It's a smart idea to schedule roof maintenance services every three years or after severe weather strikes the Detroit area. Call 313-855-0010 now to make an appointment.

Where's the leak?

Where's the leak?

You can't wait three years to address a roof leak. When you need emergency roof repair work done, call us. Our crew has the tools and training required to...

  • Climb onto your roof safely
  • Repair your leaky gutters
  • Replace missing shingles

We'll walk you through our process so you know what to expect. Contact us anytime for emergency roof repair services in or near Detroit, MI.