How Often Should You Schedule Roof Inspection Services?

Detroit, MI area residents should do it periodically

Scheduling roof inspection services is recommended after a storm blows through the Detroit, MI area, but that's not the only time an inspection would come in handy. The crew at Walter-Alexander Roofing, LLC can inspect your roof to detect leaks or give you an expert opinion about your roof.

When it comes to roof leak detection, we'll climb onto your roof to check for issues like loose shingles. We'll use the proper equipment for our safety and your peace of mind.

Call 313-855-0010 today to schedule a routine roof inspection or roof leak detection services.

A roof inspection provides answers

A roof inspection provides answers

Ultimately, a roof inspection answers questions like...

  • Is your roof secure?
  • Are any features leaking?
  • Has your roof sustained storm damage?

If you live or do business in the Detroit, MI area, turn to us for roof inspection services.